Mifos X

Mifos is a technology platform for financial inclusion, especially to those who have limited or no access to traditional banking. Mifos was initially supported by the Grameen Foundation, and is now powered by COSM, a global Open Source community for Micro Finance. Mifos X is the new platform, simple to use and an App built by the Community with a cool User Interface. It's a smart, mature and best of class solution to take your MicroFinance Operations to the next level, scaling up your client base, while simplifying your data and day-to-day operations. Access our online demo by clicking the button below. Username/password is mifos/password.

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If you're looking for the technology solution that's reliable, well tested and backed by a quality team of developers, Mifos X is the platform you can trust, because it is completely Open Source and transparent, but also very affordable to get started. To find out more, Contact us and we'll be glad to serve you and help your mission.