Unix System Administration

Course 1 - Basic Unix System Administration

  • Introduction to Unix Architecture
  • Installing Debian for a Unix server
  • Advanced package management: apt and aptitude
  • Bash Shell & Bash Scripting
  • Shell filters grep, tr, cut, paste
  • Advanced filters introduction: awk, sed
  • Other useful utilities: tar, ssh, rsync
  • System monitoring services, logs, top, ps
  • Basic Networking introduction

Course 2 - Advanced Unix System Administration

  • RAID: Hardware and Software (mdadm)
  • Networking resolv.conf, hosts, ifconfig, route
  • Advanced Unix Firewall: iptables
  • Mail Server: Postfix, Dovecot (IMAP+POP)
  • FTP Server Setup: proftpd
  • Web Server: Apache, nginx
  • MySQL Database Administration
  • PostgreSQL Database Administration